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Terror Threats Increase as World Cup looms

Christine Scheffer-Wednesday, June 4th

Rio de Janeiro- Government officials in Brazil are responding to several terrorist threats in the city of Rio de Janeiro aiming to take place during the World Cup. The Brazilian President has called for an increase in security and terror prevention units as well as requesting the Ministry of Defense to place the Brazilian Army on standby. These developments are taking place after government officials received several credible tips warning of an imminent and catastrophic terror threat that would devastate the World Cup. While terrorist threats are not uncommon during international events as large as these and intelligence agencies from participating nations have contributed resources to verifying terror threats and preventing them, these recent threats are raising concerns about public safety. Authorities are scrambling to ensure the safety of civilians and have urged fans to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or items, stopping short from suggesting they stay at home. These threats come at an even more precarious time as Pope Petrus is reported to be planning to attend the opening game between his native Brazil and the Ivory Coast. 

Demonstrators in Brazil protest against the Government's lavish spending going towards hosting the World Cup.

Demonstrators in Brazil protest against the Government's lavish spending going towards hosting the World Cup.

Increased surveillance and law enforcement presence has no doubt caught the eyes of fans attempting to enjoy the World Cup, with complaints arising about how slow things have gotten now that civilians have to deal with heightened security. One American fan, Richard Heppleman, voiced his frustration about the situation stating that “We came here to enjoy soccer, yet they ain’t [sic] helping one bit. The lines have gotten longer, traffic increased-I can’t even go to the bathroom without having to go through a metal detector!” One government official who wished to remain anonymous, told us that the threat is most likely to occur sometime during one of the opening matches, giving authorities one week to prepare while the preliminary festivities come to a close. Authorities have not given any indication as to the source of these threats, however initial reports hinted that they were made by either Islamic radicals or any number of the domestic groups protesting the government’s lavish spending on the World Cup.