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Sorry ladies, I'm off the market

September, 17- Rob Poole

That's right, I've been gone for a while and for good reason. I've been getting my cash flow straightened out and making preparations. FOr what you ask? I'll tell ya, I am getting MARRIED! Haha I know, you never thought ya boy eould settle down did you? Well it's true. I found my bae and I decided to tie the knot. Alanah Parker is about to become Alanah Poole. She's stickin to the 'P's and more importantly to my 'P' ;) 

Anyway, I just wanted to let ya'll know adn to show off this Bomb. Ass. Ring I got her.


We're gonna have a small wedding, nothing too fancy, but of course I'll be dressed up looking fine to give the world one last glimpse of what they're losing in a man. Haha Alanah really complemements me well. She's got it all, a banging body, she don't talk too much, motivated, and pretty smart too. I gotta admit, I lucked out with this catch

-Robster Out