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New Ride Got Me Feeling like Big Pimpin

August, 28-Rob Poole

This is the most excited I’ve been in a LONG TIME! I finally got the new Appalachian X120 pick up truck!! I’ve had my eye on for like the past…EVER. This isn’t just a dream, this is my childhood dream! This is the truck that I’d look at pictures of while oversees to remind myself that I’m fighting for the freedom to drive such awesome beasts as that (that and of course the pics of fine broads back in the States cus we all know I couldn't see shit dealing with arab chicks). And now I finally got it. Look at that badass grill! I’ve been saving up on this truck ever since I got back and all my waiting is finally coming to reward me.

So stoked!!!!! I spent like 5 extra G's to get this pic taken! 

So stoked!!!!! I spent like 5 extra G's to get this pic taken! 

This is so AWESOME! Of course it goes without saying that I gotta cutomize my shit. Two years working on vehicles in the army, I’m gonna make my shit a legal TANK! I couldn't go with da coke white, so I got that black cherry red! That's the most flashiest, atractive color out there for a car, and it'll give me aaaaallll the attntion. Imagine all the looks I’m gonna get from chicks and haters alike. Speaking of which, I need to go take my boy out for a spin so he can feel my baby’s raw power. I tried calling the man like five times but he aint even return the call. I know the man is struggling with finding a job and stuff but damn, the least you can do is answer the phone when I call. 

-Robster Out