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A New Revlation: Gym Girls

May, 27-Rob Poole

GIRLS WHO WORK OUT ARE HOT. It’s a known, indispootables, absolute fact. If you are fit and toned, you are automatically 100% more attractive than the fat slob with a rack or booty. It’s amazing, even girls I’ve known for a while and thought little of become goddesses when I see them at the gym. For example, a…let’s just say “friend of a friend”, started going to my gym. I never really looked at her, although she’s always had a pretty smile. But then the other day, she walks into the gym; tight sweatpants on, sneakers, nice sports bra, wrist band, hair pulled back in a ponytail holding a water bottle and an mp3 player…how could I NOT look!??

So of course I had to add about 50 slabs on each side while doing my bench presses before I walked up to say what’s up. I think she knew she had walked into my territory and that I was alpha male, because she was definitely flirting with me, which even I admit was a surprise considering who we both know. Now usually I treat the birds like weights: I hit it a few times and when I'm done, move on to the next exercise to keep my juices going, if ya know what I mean ;) But for this one, I’m gonna take it slow and pick her brain a little bit. See how it goes and if it’ll actually mean something more. Let’s just hope some other hottie with a fit body doesn’t wander into my gym in the meantime!!!

-Robster Out