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Sorry ladies, I'm off the market

September, 17- Rob Poole

That's right, I've been gone for a while and for good reason. I've been getting my cash flow straightened out and making preparations. FOr what you ask? I'll tell ya, I am getting MARRIED! Haha I know, you never thought ya boy eould settle down did you? Well it's true. I found my bae and I decided to tie the knot. Alanah Parker is about to become Alanah Poole. She's stickin to the 'P's and more importantly to my 'P' ;) 

Anyway, I just wanted to let ya'll know adn to show off this Bomb. Ass. Ring I got her.


We're gonna have a small wedding, nothing too fancy, but of course I'll be dressed up looking fine to give the world one last glimpse of what they're losing in a man. Haha Alanah really complemements me well. She's got it all, a banging body, she don't talk too much, motivated, and pretty smart too. I gotta admit, I lucked out with this catch

-Robster Out

Pissed Off-My Baby's Gone

August, 28-Rob Poole

I absolutly can't believe this shit. I JUST FREAKING GOT IT MAN!! MY FREAKING TRUCK! MY BABY!! WTF???? Why is this happening to ME!?? I went to go pick up my friend to see how he was doing because I heard he'd been down on his luck. The guy is honestly off his freaking rocker. Got problems with his dad, his girl, his mom's about to kick the bucket, and he can't finda  job to save his damn life. I've TRIED to give him the game, tellin him to be more cutthroat but he wants to keep being a sissy. I feel bad for the guy cus i'm like the only friend he's got. I mean, unless you consider Prof Valey his friend, but come on, that's a freaking professor. 

Anyway. I go to pick the nutjob up and we finally get in the car. While we're driving he starts going off and punches me in the effing neck and then tries to grab the wheel!! It took everything out of me not to snap his freaking neck right then in there, man. I'm telling you, I was tempted to end him. But I didn't. Good job on my part, right? But then out of a no where, a freaking car comes smashing into the truck and I barely had enough time to get out the truck! I almost DIED!! Aparently he didn't get out the car fast enough or who knows, maybe he wanted to die, but he ende dup gettin smashed in the colisssion. 

So I had to call the police AND his parents while they took him to the hospital and now my truck is totaled! Like wtf am I supposed to do? This was my literal chick magnet. He's off to the hospital, I guess I'll go see him to check up on him but honestly all of this is HIS fault. And that reminds me, if this guy ever wakes up, I might as well tell him the truth bout me and Alanah. I've been tappin that for a long time now ever since she's been coming to my gym. I aint gonna keep it a secret from him no more, cus that's messed up. So I'll tell him what's up if he wakes up. RIP Appalachian X120

-Robster Out

New Ride Got Me Feeling like Big Pimpin

August, 28-Rob Poole

This is the most excited I’ve been in a LONG TIME! I finally got the new Appalachian X120 pick up truck!! I’ve had my eye on for like the past…EVER. This isn’t just a dream, this is my childhood dream! This is the truck that I’d look at pictures of while oversees to remind myself that I’m fighting for the freedom to drive such awesome beasts as that (that and of course the pics of fine broads back in the States cus we all know I couldn't see shit dealing with arab chicks). And now I finally got it. Look at that badass grill! I’ve been saving up on this truck ever since I got back and all my waiting is finally coming to reward me.

So stoked!!!!! I spent like 5 extra G's to get this pic taken! 

So stoked!!!!! I spent like 5 extra G's to get this pic taken! 

This is so AWESOME! Of course it goes without saying that I gotta cutomize my shit. Two years working on vehicles in the army, I’m gonna make my shit a legal TANK! I couldn't go with da coke white, so I got that black cherry red! That's the most flashiest, atractive color out there for a car, and it'll give me aaaaallll the attntion. Imagine all the looks I’m gonna get from chicks and haters alike. Speaking of which, I need to go take my boy out for a spin so he can feel my baby’s raw power. I tried calling the man like five times but he aint even return the call. I know the man is struggling with finding a job and stuff but damn, the least you can do is answer the phone when I call. 

-Robster Out

A New Revlation: Gym Girls

May, 27-Rob Poole

GIRLS WHO WORK OUT ARE HOT. It’s a known, indispootables, absolute fact. If you are fit and toned, you are automatically 100% more attractive than the fat slob with a rack or booty. It’s amazing, even girls I’ve known for a while and thought little of become goddesses when I see them at the gym. For example, a…let’s just say “friend of a friend”, started going to my gym. I never really looked at her, although she’s always had a pretty smile. But then the other day, she walks into the gym; tight sweatpants on, sneakers, nice sports bra, wrist band, hair pulled back in a ponytail holding a water bottle and an mp3 player…how could I NOT look!??

So of course I had to add about 50 slabs on each side while doing my bench presses before I walked up to say what’s up. I think she knew she had walked into my territory and that I was alpha male, because she was definitely flirting with me, which even I admit was a surprise considering who we both know. Now usually I treat the birds like weights: I hit it a few times and when I'm done, move on to the next exercise to keep my juices going, if ya know what I mean ;) But for this one, I’m gonna take it slow and pick her brain a little bit. See how it goes and if it’ll actually mean something more. Let’s just hope some other hottie with a fit body doesn’t wander into my gym in the meantime!!!

-Robster Out