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David Cristock Publishes Manifesto

Scott Wilbrough-Monday, June 16th

Alleged child killer David Cristock published an 8-page manifesto seeking to shed light on the murders as well as provide justification for them. Cristock, the former owner of The Road to Patheon, a book store, was under investigation for a lengthy period of time before being arrested for the grisly murders of nine children.

Cristock is currently awaiting trial and is rumored that one of the children he has been accused of killing is the niece of an undercover officer who frequented The Road to Patheon. Many are also speculating if his most recent outburst in the court during the proceedings are linked to the recent assassination of leading mayoral candidate, Edward Scott. 


On Thursday, police Captain Patrick Steinsen held a press conference to address the release of the manifesto and why it took so long to arrest Cristock but refrained from answering questions pertaining to former colleague, Edward Scott. When a reporter commented that Cristock was blaming society for his actions, Steinsen replied by saying, "So he’s blaming you right? The suspect has been arrested for killing children, children, and you think we should be on the hook for the sickness he represents?”

We’ve obtained scanned copies of the manifesto and have transliterated it for those who may have trouble reading Cristock’s penmanship. We have not edited the manifesto and advise our readers that it contains mature language not suitable for a younger audience.