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Pope Romanus to Visit Americas


Michelle Pachino-Monday, June 3rd

Vatican City- Pope Petrus Romanus is set to visit Central and South America for the first time since his papacy began a year ago. A native to Brazil and only the second pope to hail from the continent, his arrival is sure to be met with a great welcome across Latin America and its predominantly Catholic population. Pope Romanus’ visit also adds to the excitement sweeping across the continent as his arrival coincides with the opening group-play matches of the World Cup taking place in Brazil. It has even been suggested that the Pope will watch tournament favorites and home country, Brazil, in their first match against the Ivory Coast.

Pope Romanus has enjoyed widespread popularity even among non-Catholics, due to his unusually liberal statements and progressive nature. This image reached its height when he endorsed the religious unification group, Promoting One World Enlightened Religion (POWER), stating that “God’s foremost goal is for us to unify in peace and love, the way Jesus loved us. Once mankind can do this, then we will reach the kingdom of Heaven regardless of the individual’s path.” 

While some more conservative Catholics found the pontiff’s comments to be unorthodox, many embraced the Pope, saying that his mentality is the way all religions should approach life.

The pontiff has been widely regarded as progressive and liberal.

Among Pope Romanus’ scheduled stops is El Salvador, where he is expected to meet with President Rodriguez and separatist leader Alfredo Marti Gonzalez in order to assuage growing tensions between government forces and a separatist group largely concentrated in the San Vicente and Cabañas Departments.