God's Calamity

You've just committed your first act of HERESY. Unravel the world of black and the world of white.

The following is the transcribed manifesto written by alleged murderer, David Cristock. It has not been altered in any way. Be advised the following text contains material that may not be suitable for younger readers.

There was a time when a veil covered my eyes. A time of utter darkness and uncertainty. The root of such wanion is of no concern now as I no longer thole at the siege of lies.

From the Great Schism Of The Dawn, he cleped and beckoned me to hark and howbeit I was blind, the warmth of his light was ilke and smoothly, and I was as a moth drawn to a flame.  

I cried out and asked, “Why me?” and instead of contempt he uttered the glorious truth. Due to a puissant yearning from within, the wretched soul that I thought belonged to me had been chosen to edify his work and my reward was to be exalted above many men. It was at this very moment that the veil that covered my eyes was torn and I offered gramacy for such relief.

He appeared as a king and he is such for he is The King of Nine and when he uttered his name, that sweet name that is above all, the very core of my existence was shaken. I took no mere od but gave to him my entire being.  I was no longer froward and yearned for every word that was commanded from his lips. My life was dedicated to him and no feeble words of my own could surpass the path I embraced, which was and now is, the edification of his work.

You, society, have for too long embraced lies and half-truths even though the nakedness of deceit has been revealed to you again and again. You scream of morality yet none of you are moral. You have allowed your children to be stained by the works of your hands but still you describe me as menacing, as evil incarnate, as a lost soul, as a threat and as, “the motherfucker who killed nine children.” You call me these things but where did you inherit them? Did I place them on your tongues and in your hearts? In truth not! You were born into sin while I was born into righteousness and it is that righteousness that beckoned me to edify his name and work. It is that righteousness that steered nine pure souls, that yearned for release, to my hand and to my soul, and righteousness that chose me as the vassal to join theirs with his.  

The nine children who were plucked from the embrace of this malignant world, the hard-eyed touch of oblivion itself, have given themselves to the truth of his name. I must assure you that they gladly set themselves free from your harm, from the butchery of your lies, debaucheries and most unholy murders. Yet you blame me for their choice?  As of now they are the princes and princesses of his kingdom and rejoice in their day by singing the most heartfelt and profound praises to him. They are bathing in his luminescence while you bathe in a cesspool of hatred and utter darkness and there is no light at the end of your tunnel.

I have been a good shepherd to them, steering them away from the path of ravenous wolves and providing them with the milk and honey you would have gorged yourselves on, had it not been for me. I gave them bread and fish while you gave them stones and scorpions, yet I am presented on the first page of many newspapers, and shown on every station in the country, as a terror to the world a pedophile and slayer of children. Not once did they refer to me as such. They referred to me as father, as friend, as teacher, as brother, as minister, as uncle, as cousin, as lover, as provider, as shield, as doctor and truth.

In freeing them, neither he, nor they or I have absolved you of your corruptions. Your doings will follow you from now until eternity and there shall be no relief of penitence. They edify his name and work, I edify his name and work and so we are forever joined hand in hand and this will last from now until he proclaims that time is no more.  I welcomed him, they welcomed him and now I welcome you to the King of Nine…