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Teacher Fired Over Student Prayer

Scott Wilbrough-Sunday, April 6th

Chapman Elementary- Fifth grade teacher Amanda Brignhart has been terminated following a lengthy eight month investigation and being placed under administrative leave. Amanda, who formerly worked at Chapman Elementary public school, was accused of encouraging her students to join hands in prayer every morning before class, sparking outrage among parents. Amanda Brignhart is a spokesperson for Promoting One World Enlightened Religion (POWER), an organization founded by socialite and Ivory Bill owner, Randall Gladstone III, which aims to spread religious tolerance and unification around the globe.

The decision from the school board has been met with unexpected criticism as supporters of Amanda have protested for her to be reinstated and an online petition calling for similar action has accumulated over 10,000 signatures. Many protesters have accused the school board of focusing on trivial issues as opposed to those which have caused serious harm to students, such as the recent surge in teachers being accused and convicted of having sexual relations with their students.



Amanda has reportedly filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the Woodland County Schoolboard and appears to be backed by POWER. A statement released by the organization said that “The wrongful termination of Amanda Brignhart is truly worrisome. However we believe that this act merely speaks to society’s deeply ingrained intolerance and its desire to uphold the barriers that perpetually segregate our communities and our families. We will oppose this illegal action so that Ms. Brignhart may be reinstated and government institutions worldwide will understand the power obtained by joining hands with our neighbors in peace.” Superintendent Barbara Watson could not be reached for comment.