God's Calamity

You've just committed your first act of HERESY. Unravel the world of black and the world of white.


we are project monark, a transmedia entertainment company dedicated to telling the most original and innovative stories. God's calamity is our flagship Intellectual property that will allow our audience to engage and interact with the story in a way that will provide a unique experience for every individual. 


transmedia is the art of telling one cohesive story across multiple platforms. god's calamity is told across two platforms: a comic book series and a full-length music album.


God’s Calamity: The Beggar’s Bullet is the audio portion of the God’s Calamity Transmedia experience. Utilizing a cutting edge story telling method that has never been used in music, God’s Calamity: The Beggar’s Bullet offers an unprecedented listening experience.  


God's Calamity: A House Divided is the comic book portion of the God’s Calamity Transmedia experience, taking place in the same world, but shortly after the events in God’s Calamity: The Beggar’s Bullet. The comic utilizes a black and white color scheme because, as you know, the world is black and white. You will see some of the characters from God’s Calamity: The Beggars Bullet but many of the characters are new, as equally sinister as those found in the music, and loyal only to their self-interest. Currently there are 13 issues planned with the thirteenth issue being a special issue that sheds more light on the motivations of those in the world of God’s Calamity: A house divided.


god's calamity: The Beggar's Bullet Preview

God's Calamity: A House Divided Preview