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BREAKING: Edward Scott Assassinated

Jeremy Patterson-Tuesday, June 10th


Edward Scott, leading mayoral candidate, was assassinated Wednesday afternoon during an outside press conference. Scott was meeting at the town square with labor union representatives to discuss his proposed economic policies before getting shot in the temple by an unknown assailant. Edward Scott was known throughout the community as a charitable man, founding several foundations including the “Foster Friendly” program which aims to better the conditions for foster children. A widower and former police officer, Scott infamously investigated the case of nine abducted and murdered children who disappeared over a decade ago, ultimately leading to the arrest of David Cristock, before retiring from the force. After announcing his candidacy a little over half a year ago, Edward Scott’s popularity skyrocketed, and polls showed him in a comfortable lead over mayoral opponents Clara Yung, Gabriel Velay and Deangelo Carter. 

Police are currently without leads given that Scott had no known vocal critics and was well-liked around the community. Said Police Captain Patrick Steinsen, “The news of Edward Scott’s tragic death has shocked us all, especially us in uniform. Coming up with Ed in the academy, I’ve known him for a long time as not just a partner, but a brother. He was a likable and just man. Only a truly heinous and evil individual would wish him harm. I have my police force dedicated to bringing this murderer to justice. We’re currently looking at this from any and all angles.” Steinsen later added that the police force’s first task was “to investigate those arrested by Ed during his time in the force and then go from there.” Authorities did not give any indication as to who their primary suspect could be and asked for anyone with any information to please step forward.